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Cats Claw Bark

Plant uses: Found growing in the jungles of South America and found in every market there, this plant has been traditionally used for everything. The medicinal uses of the stem and root bark that are most well known to indigenous people are for inflammations (especially rheumatism), arthritis, urinary tract infections, and gastric ulcers. Thought to help spiritually with disease. Shamans say this plant serves as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. Can be used internally or as an ingredient in ointments.

Plant preparations: decoction: cook your herbs


Plant properties: adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, antifungal, immune system strengthening, supportive.


Energetics and taste: cooling and bitter


 Scientific name: Uncaria tomentosa


Other common names: sacred herb of the rainforest, Una de gato, paraguayo, Harbato, Garbato Casha, Liane de Peru, Garabato and Samento.


Family: Rubiaceae


Parts used: bark


Cautions and contraindications: With all herbs, it is important you do your own research before consuming them. Although many herbs are safe to use, some herbs may have interactions with medication or be unsuitable to use during pregnancy.