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Plant uses: Traditionally used as a lymphatic system aid as it assists the lymph nodes in clearing out toxins. As a diuretic, it is good for kidneys and urinary tract. Also used for a variety of skin ailments such as psoriasis, dermatitis, boils, abscesses, skin irritations, wounds, and burns. Can be used internally or externally as a wash

Plant preparation: infusion: make a nourishing cup of tea or a poultice



Plant properties:  astringent, blood cleanser, diuretic, lymphatic healer, skin healer, tonic.



 Energetics and Taste: cool, moist, sweet.


Scientific name: Galium aparine


Other common names: bedstraw, goosegrass, catchword, sticky weed, sticky bob, grip grass.


Family: Rubiaceae


Parts used: leaves and stems


Cautions and contraindications: With all herbs it is important you do your own research before consuming them. Although many herbs are generally safe to use, some herbs may have interactions with medication or be unsuitable to take during pregnancy.