Who is Nimbin Herbs?
Towards the end of the 1960’s, the alternative ‘hippie’ movement in Australia converged on the rural village of Nimbin, set amongst the Gondwana rainforest, to set in motion a vision of a new and more sustainable way of living in harmony with nature and our own wild souls.

With this guiding principle in mind, Nimbin has been a of social change and alternative ways of relating to the environment, food production, medicine, plants and the creative arts.

This radical alternative culture has been thriving and growing for over 50 years

Here at Nimbin Herbs, we do business differently. We refuse to follow ‘the formula’. This means you won’t find us on social media

Our community is valuable to us: we aren’t interested in manipulating you into buying our products or believing what we say. If our educational materials or our herbs speak to you, we know you’ll come. And even better, you’ll probably tell someone else.

We only make content that is genuinely valuable, and only make contact when we actually have something to say.

The Nimbin Herbs project started in 2018 as a natural evolution of our team’s great love for plants, herbal medicines and sharing what this unusual community has learnt about health, consciousness and psychedelics.

It started as the educational arm of the iconic Happy High Herbs Nimbin, which until recently was owned by the same crew. After years of informally sharing Nimbin wisdom with visitors to the shop front, we decided it was time to formalise this aspect of our work and share the love more widely.

Our goal is to provide nuanced education and quality herbal products to support individual and cultural transformation.