We are passionate about plants at Nimbin Herbs. We love them!

With decades of experience between us, our team is excited to bring Nimbin Herbs to you both online and as part of our new Nimbin Herbs Learning Centre – right in the heart of Nimbin. As the natural evolution of Happy High Herbs Nimbin, our focus on education finds fertile new ground to grow.

There has never been a more crucial time to bring plant medicines into our homes and communities, to discover the power of natural healing. In Australia and elsewhere, people enjoy unprecedented health and longevity, and yet everywhere there are symptoms of imbalance. It is to these symptoms, both physical and spiritual that we turn our attention at Nimbin Herbs.

At Nimbin Herbs we are exploring the traditional ways of understanding and using medicinal plants within the context of the rigorous scientific model. Modern medicines save thousands of lives each year, yet we also need to use natural options alongside conventional drugs to achieve holistic health. Nimbin Herbs aims to uncover the gifts of plant medicines in a way that compliments the allopathic approach and provides fresh ways to understand our bodies and our place within Nature.

As all herbalists and healers will tell you, living things manifest distinct patterns of health or disharmony. By learning to recognize these patterns in our bodies, and then understanding the energetic signatures of plant medicines, we can identify the right herbs to use. This knowledge helps empower you to use herbs with confidence.  Nimbin Herbs will provide resources to teach you these skills and many more.