Supporting transformation towards a life-affirming culture by providing information, education and tools that help reconnect us to plants and the living world.


Providing nuanced exploration of three core topics: psychedelics, herbs and consciousness. Providing tools for transformation: medicinal & ritual herbs. Working with local, national and international elders: providing conceptual models.

Carefully Curated

Our product range has been carefully curated over many years and includes a large selection of precious herbs that can be used in daily life or for special occasions, as well as handcrafted local arts and crafts.

We also specialise in hemp products, like our Topical Hemp Cream that helps soothe pain and inflammation, made by licenced hemp growers in the hills surrounding Nimbin.

Many people come to herbs for their mood-enhancing properties, and we have a large selection of products that can help to lift your spirits or soothe a stressed-out soul. Our Calming Tea is the latest tea in our blends range that is uniquely relaxing without being overly sedating. Not only that, the infusion is a delightful bright blue colour! Sharing a pot of tea can be an excellent way to come together with friends and family after a meal, watching a movie, or ending the day before sleep.

As well as herbs for mood and mind, pain relief and sleep, we also have lots of herbs that can help improve memory, mental focus and enhance physical stamina and performance. It’s never too late (or too early) to find new herbal tools to help transform your life. Our mission is to provide information and education to help you find the tools you need to support your mind and body during these turbulent times.

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Artistry & Tradition

Choosing herbs is more of an art than a science. Like cooking, the skillful selecting, blending and preparing of herbs can take years to master.

In fact, some herbalists may take a lifetime to understand a plant’s unique character and when and how that plant might be useful. One of the wonderful things about herbs, however, is that they are also easy to use. Most of us are familiar with making a cup of tea or adding some aromatic spices to a meal. Learning to use herbs begins with just that.

For folks who love science, it can be helpful to understand the molecular compounds that medicinal plants contain, and this can be a way to understand how herbal medicines interact with our bodies. Looking through the scientific lens can also help us to build a foundation of trust with a plant. From another perspective, shamans and traditional healers around the world talk about plant allies. These can be thought of as multidimensional plant spirits that inhabit other dimensions of reality and who work with a healer, via the plant, to amplify the curative process.

Other traditions, such as the Indian Ayurvedic or the Five Element (Wuxing) theory of Chinese medicine, understand plants by their energetic properties: whether they are warming like ginger or cooling like mint. The unique taste of a herb – whether it is bitter, sweet, astringent or spicy – indicates its energetic nature. This can help us establish how a specific herb might balance a person’s unique constitutional type.

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At Nimbin Herbs we make use of multiple perspectives, weaving together the modern with the mystic, the traditional with the cutting edge. Our ability to do this is not some new-age mumbo-jumbo, but the result of hard work and experience over many decades. Perhaps it is because of this that people from all walks of life feel welcome in our shop and find themselves curious to learn more about herbs.

And while we truly love the herbs we work with, we also have enough humility and experience to know that herbs are not the answer to all our ills. The problems facing us as individuals and as a society are far too complex and we need to make radical changes to our way of life to foster truly sustainable lives for the generations to follow. Let’s be realistic that an occasional cup of herbal tea is not going to make much difference to the chronic nature of so many problems.

But that aside, making a pot of Tulsi tea instead of another cup of coffee when the nervous system is stressed, can be a radical act of self-care. We know that habits are not always easy to overcome, but little by little, changing our harmful behaviours, and replacing them with supportive ones, can support radical transformation over time. At Nimbin Herbs we believe that herbs can play an essential part in this process.

It is in this spirit that we represent the herbs, with respect and with deep love for the gifts and delights that they contain. It is our pleasure to share these with you.

We work with compassion, recognising that good things take time to unfold.


We do business differently. We don’t overly advertise or promote. We envision a healthier online biome, and strive to consciously create a flourishing online ecosystem for our community both near and far.


We value multiple perspectives and diverse voices.


We recognise that we are part of a movement, and engage our networks.


We strive to represent our community authentically.


As much as possible, our team strives to model a healthy, thriving and joyous working environment.

Our Team

Nimbin Herbs is deeply rooted in the lived experience of using herbs and engaging in transformative practices.

We’re not new-comers to the wellness scene. Many of us have been deeply engaged with herbs and psychedelics for decades.

We also recognise the limitations of our own perspectives and inevitable cultural biases, and try to account for this, especially being white in Australia, where indigenous knowledge has been so devastated and continues to be disregarded by many.

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