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View over the Nimbin Valley at dawn.
Nimbin Herbs is not just about herbs; it’s also about Nimbin.



Towards the end of the 1960’s the alternative “hippie” movement in Australia converged on the rural village of Nimbin, set amongst the Gondwana rainforest, to set in motion a vision of a new and more sustainable way of living in harmony with nature and ourselves. With this guiding principle in mind, Nimbin has been at the forefront of social change, expressed through an array of environmental innovations, wholistic medicines, herbalism and the creative arts. 



Today, there is a growing awareness within society of the need to see things from a new perspective. We find ourselves on the threshold of a significant leap forward in our understanding of human potential. By joining our online community you can join us on this path of discovery. Nimbin Herbs will build a library of information, covering many themes including herbalism and the role of plant medicines, eco-psychology and neuropharmacology. We will delve into the histories of plants and the frameworks that surround them. We will ask – what future do we want to create?



We invite you to join our growing community.

“Herbalism heals the people and the land in one motion, because we really can’t seperate the two.  What happens to the land is reflective in the health of our bodies, minds and spirits.  Herbalism acknowledges this interdependence.”

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Nimbin Herbs is the natural evolution of our shop Happy High Herbs Nimbin, where we have been disseminating herbal wisdom for over 20 years.

We are excited to finally bring our shop to you online.
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Nimbin Herbs Learning Centre
Come and visit our new teaching space in Nimbin. Herbal workshops, classes and events start in 2020.
Happy High Herbs Nimbin
Our shop is open almost every day, right in the heart of Nimbin’s Cullen Street. Come to Nimbin and meet our dedicated team.
Online Store
The long-awaited Nimbin Herbs online store is here. Find herbs, art, books and unique crafts from around the world.
Nimbin TV / Online Learning
In the years to come Nimbin Herbs is building a library of resources online, featuring presenters from around the world.