~ Part 1 : A Simple Infusion ~

A simple infusion is the most common way to prepare herbs.

You’re already familiar with this technique – it is exactly the same as buying a box of teabags, pouring on the hot water and letting it brew.

All our herbs and blends come in loose-leaf form, so there’s no tea bag. You will need a tea ball or teapot & strainer to prepare the tea.

Watch this short video to find out more…

~ Part 2 : A Nourishing Infusion ~

In part two we learn to make a nourishing infusion. This is a way of using herbs in a more concentrated way.

Often, if we are using herbs for healing, we use more herb and a longer duration of steeping the herb, to get the maximum nutritional or cleansing benefits.

~ Part 3 : Preparing Decoctions ~

Whereas infusions are the best way to prepare the more delicate parts of herbs (the leaves and flowers) sometimes we need to cook the herb to make tea. This is called a decoction.

Decoctions are simple a way to extract the medicinal properties of roots, dried berries and barks into tea.