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View over the Nimbin Valley at dawn.
Nimbin Herbs is not just about herbs, it’s also about what makes Nimbin so special: the courage to explore radically different ways of living life and ways of understanding what it means to be human. 


We are participating in a global transformation towards a life-affirming culture (see Joanna Macy: The Work the Reconnects) along with many other alternative communities, change-makers, and radical thinkers. 

We are supporting this transformation by providing nuanced education about the role of plants in health and transformation. This means we explore topics relating to herbal medicine, psychedelics, consciousness, and earth connection.
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Education alone isn’t enough: we also provide both practical and conceptual tools to support your wellbeing.


We offer high-quality herbs and natural products for health, ritual and introspection; herbs that we have been using for decades, and that many cultures have been using for millennia.

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