Aquarius Blend


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Ingredients: Mugwort and Lionstail


Embrace the dawning of the Age of Aquarius with this rich and sensual blend of herbs grown exclusively in the hills surrounding Nimbin. A wonderful blend that helps relax the muscles while heightening the senses. Sink deep into your roots and connect.


A note on smoking/ritual herbs:

Nimbin Herbs have lovingly crafted a Ritual Herbs range for sacred scent and smoke.

Using smoke as a vehicle for spiritual connection has been part of human society since people first used fire.

The smoke has alchemical potency. When used for ritual, each herb, and blend, has a unique magical property, connecting us to our ancient roots.

As far as possible, Nimbin Herbs sources locally-grown, organic herbs. When we cannot source our herbs locally, we always check for organic certification.

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Gift Box 20g, Refill Bag 20g