Plant uses: A traditional Ayurvedic herb used to support brain and nerve function. It is a wonderful herb to help support cognitive health for people of all ages, but particularly those who are over sixty. Its neuro-regenerative properties make Brahmi a wise option for anyone who is burned out, or whose nervous system feels frazzled. Brahmi is a slightly bitter tea, which stimulates the intestines, especially the gallbladder and liver.

Brahmi is an ingredient in our new formulation of the Brain & Memory Tea blend.


Preparation: Infusion – make a nourishing cup of tea. 


Plant properties: adaptogen, soothing, calming brain and nerve tonic, antioxidant, bitter, healthy heart support, cognition and memory enhancer.


Energetics and taste: Cooling, bitter, sweet


Scientific name: Bacopa monnieri


Other common names: thyme-leaved gratiola, water hyssop, herb of grace,  Indian pennywort


Family: Scrophulariaceae


Parts used: leaf and stem


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Gift Box 90g, Jar 90g, Refill Bag 90g