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Plant uses: A traditional Ayurvedic medicine used for centuries to support brain and nerve function. Great for all ages but particularly people over sixty. Brahmi is also soothing on the intestines, especially the stomach and liver.

Preparation: Infusion. Make a nourishing cup of tea. 

Plant properties: adaptogen, soothing, calming brain and nerve tonic, antioxidant, bitter, healthy heart support, cognition and memory enhancer.

Energetics and taste: Cooling, bitter, sweet

Scientific name: Bacopa monnieri

Other common names: thyme-leaved gratiola, water hyssop, herb of grace,  Indian pennywort

Family: Scrophulariaceae

Parts used: leaf


Cautions and contraindications: With all herbs it is important you do your own research before consuming them. Although many herbs are generally safe to use, some herbs may have interactions with medication or be unsuitable to take during pregnancy.