Plant uses: Gentle but deeply potent, this herb soothes and calms the nervous system from fear and worry. Relieves insomnia, nightmares, stress and some hormone imbalances. Great for children. Also soothing for the entire digestive system.


May Help:

  • Relax the Mind
  • Counteract stress
  • Support Sleep
  • Soothe digestive discomfort 


Plant preparation: Infusion: make  a nourishing cup of tea


Plant properties: anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, calming, cleansing, digestive bitter, may help relieve spasms, sedative, soothing


 Energetics and taste: neutral temperature, sweet, slightly bitter


 Scientific name: Matricaria Recutita


Other common names: anthemus, ground apple, wild chamomile and scented mayweed.


Family: Asteraceae


Plant part: flowers


Additional information


Gift Box 70g, Jar 70g, Refill Bag 70g