Daily Dose Smooth


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Daily Dose Smooth is the latest addition to our Daily Dose range of powder blends. Easy to use, and filled with soothing mucopolysaccharides (cool, slimey and soothing), this is a deeply nourishing drink that supports the mucosal lining of the gut wall.


Daily Dose Smooth is a combination of Slippery Elm and Marshmallow, that help soothe the mucosal membranes of the gut, creating a healthy pre-biotic environment. These powders are traditionally called demulcents, and provide compounds called mucopolysaccharides to that are incredibly soothing to inflamed tissue, and are only found in this small group of plants. (you probably won’t find them in the local chemist!). A touch of cinnamon in the blend makes a delicious and refreshing daily drink that coats your gut lining with slippery, soothing goodness.


Directions: Use one small teaspoon per day. Use hot water 60°C – 80°C to make a soothing beverage, add honey to sweeten as desired. Alternatively, soak overnight in cold water to make a cooling, anti-inflammatory drink. Daily Dose Original can be added directly to smoothies.


Ingredients:  Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm Bark, Cinnamon.