Lemon Balm




Lemon Balm


Plant Uses:  Recognised since antiquity for its beneficial effects on mood, Lemon Balm is traditionally recognised as a calming nervous system herb. Lemon Balm may help to improve sleep quality, improve the mood and boost cognitive performance.  Used traditionally to reduce menstrual cramping.  This delightful tea may also help with digestive issues bloating and gas.


Lemon Balm is an ingredient in out Happy Tea blend, our Calming Tea blend and our Sleep Time Tea blend.


Plant Preparation:  Infusion – make a nourishing cup of tea.


Plant Properties:  Antioxidant, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, cooling and soothing, relaxing restorative for the nervous system, helps ease nervous headaches and nervous indigestion, promotes sweating, and helps ease cramps.

Energetics & Taste:  Cooling, drying, sour, slightly bitter.

Scientific Name: Melissa Officinalis.

Common Names:  Balm mint, bee balm, common balm, sweet balm, melissa, honey plant.

Family:  Lamiaceae.

Plant part:  Leaves.

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