Lover’s Delight Tea




Lover’s Delight Tea is a sophisticated blend that contains Tulsi, Damiana, Ginkgo, Pink and Red Rose Petals, Liquorice, Hibiscus flowers and Gotu Cola. The herbs in this tea nourish the sex-organs, helping to promote healthy blood flow and sensitivity.


  • Tulsi – Opens the heart and settles the spirit
  • Damiana – our favourite aphrodisiac herb – nourishes Kidney Yang (which helps generate healthy sex fluids in the body)
  • Ginkgo – Improves blood-flow to the extremities by opening the fine capillaries (narrow blood vessels) in the penis, hands, feet and brain
  • Pink and Red Rose – Heart tonic, astringent – a great alternative to wine!
  • Liquorice – another great kidney yang herb that adds a touch of sweetness to the blend
  • Hibiscus – cools the stomach, balances hormones, adds a touch of pink to the tea
  • Gotu Cola – we add just a touch of this mildly bitter herb to add complexity to the flavour and support great health for you and your lover!

Preparation: Infusion – make a lovely pot of tea. 


** Our refill bags are back! We have spent an extensive amount of time seeking and trialling a wonderful and earth friendly alternative to the plastic bags that were previously used for our refill bags. We are pleased to share that we have sourced fantastic 100% biodegradeable and compostable bags which can be reused, or returned to the earth after use. We are still tweaking this new addition, however we are thrilled to be able to offer our signature loose-leaf herbal tea range in our new refill packaging, with the rest of our beautiful range to follow shortly.

Our jars have unfortunately increased in price quite dramatically from our supplier, so for this reason will become a premium packaging item – the jars are extremely robust and will last for years upon years, so only need to be purchased once, and can be refilled as required with our delicious range of herbal teas. **

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Gift Box 70g, Large Jar 70g, Refill Bag 70g, Small Jar 35g