Lover’s Delight Tea




Lover’s Delight Tea is a sophisticated blend that contains Tulsi, Damiana, Ginkgo, Pink and Red Rose Petals, Liquorice, Hibiscus flowers and Gotu Cola. The herbs in this tea nourish the sex-organs, helping to promote healthy blood flow and sensitivity.


  • Tulsi – Opens the heart and settles the spirit
  • Damiana – our favourite aphrodisiac herb – nourishes Kidney Yang (which helps generate healthy sex fluids in the body)
  • Ginkgo – Improves blood-flow to the extremities by opening the fine capillaries (narrow blood vessels) in the penis, hands, feet and brain
  • Pink and Red Rose – Heart tonic, astringent – a great alternative to wine!
  • Liquorice – another great kidney yang herb that adds a touch of sweetness to the blend
  • Hibiscus – cools the stomach, balances hormones, adds a touch of pink to the tea
  • Gotu Cola – we add just a touch of this mildly bitter herb to add complexity to the flavour and support great health for you and your lover!

Preparation: Infusion – make a lovely pot of tea. 



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Gift Box 70g, Large Jar 70g, Refill Bag 70g, Small Jar 35g