Pure Amazonian Ritual Powder – 2g


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Sacred ceremonial pure Amazonian ritual powder sourced directly from the Amazon. 


We have two beautiful varieties from two different tribes in Amazonia- a Shipobo blend, and a Huni Kuin/Kaxinawá blend. 


This product is for ceremonial ritual use only. 


The Shipibo tribe from Peru is renowned for their intricate artistry and shamanic practices. Shipibo blends are carefully crafted with a deep understanding of their indigenous traditions and the medicinal plants available in their environment. Our Shipibo blend of this special ritual powder is believed to help clear negative energies, provide a sense of stability, and support physical and spiritual healing. Shipibo sacred powder is highly valued for its ability to facilitate deep healing, emotional balance, and expanded consciousness. It is often used in shamanic ceremonies, personal transformational work, and spiritual exploration.


The Kaxinawá, also known as the Huni Kuin tribe, from Brazil has a rich tradition around their ritual powder that is deeply intertwined with their cultural practices. The Kaxinawá blend is highly revered for its visionary and cleansing properties, promoting spiritual insight and deep energetic cleansing, along with being highly valued for its ability to facilitate profound healing experiences, expanded consciousness, and connection to the spirit realm.

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Kaxinawá / Huni Kuin Blend, Shipibo Blend