Wildfire Mood Mist




Red: Mood Mist – Feels Like Love (50ml)

Feels Like Love, mood mist is a Romantic Room Spray. Use this Essential Oil Spray to create a loving and romantic atmosphere for you and your partner.

Blue: Mood Mist – Feels Like Bliss (50ml)

Feels Like Bliss, mood mist is a calming essential oil spray. Use it as a room spray or anywhere you need to create calm, blissful, relaxing surroundings.

Black: Mood Mist – Lust (50ml)
Feels Like Lust is an all natural selection of botanicals that combines the delicate fragrances of Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and Patchouli to create a decadent, enticing fragrance.
This mist has been blended to match Wildfire’s Black All Over Pleasure Oil and our Tempt Pure Essential Oil Blend.

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Lust, Bliss, Love