Botanically Enhanced Coffee


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Organic, locally roasted sub-tropical coffee botanically enhanced with:

• Brazilian Ginseng (Suma)

• Siberian Ginseng

• African Kola Nut

• South American Guarana

• Chinese Nutmeg (Roi Gui)

• Macadamia Nut Meal

Serving Suggestions:

Add one heaped teaspoon per person into a plunger for a full vitality, focussed hot beverage.

If you love a strong coffee taste, add extra coffee of your choice to achieve your preferred coffee flavour. Alternatively, it is great in a blender with your favourite smoothie ingredients.

We recommend sweetening to taste with honey, jaggery or coconut sugar.

Creatively blended in Australia from the finest quality ingredients. We created and benefitted from this amazing synergistic blend for many years before sharing with you today!

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