Plant Uses: One of our favourite and most versatile herbs.  Damiana has been traditionally used in both Aztecs and Mayan cultures as an aphrodisiac.  It is now also commonly used for stress relief (adaptogenic), to support urinary tract infections, and to reduce anxiety.  Damiana can be mood-enhancing and has a subtle, yet potent, euphoric effect. 


Damiana is also a bright and crisp smoke that promotes a happy feelings.  A great herbal ally to help quit tobacco. 


You can find Damiana as an ingredient in our Happy Tea blend. Our Magic Moon Mix smoking blend also contains Damiana.


Plant Preparation: 


  • Infusion – simply make a cup of tea.
  • Smoking –  Smoke on its own or blended with other herbs.


Plant Properties:  Antibacterial, antioxidant, aphrodisiac, kidney tonic, adaptogenic (against stress), relaxant, regulates hormones, mood-enhancing.      

Energetics & Taste: 
Warm, dry, slightly bitter, aromatic, pungent, yang nourishing.

Scientific Name: Turnera Aphrodisia.

Common Names:  Damiana aphrodisiac, old woman’s broom, damiane.

Family:  Turnerceae.

Part Used:  Leaf & stem

Additional information


Jar 70g, Ritual Box 25g, Tea Box 70g, Zip Bag 25g, Zip Bag 60g