Enki Feminine Energy 50ml


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Hormone Balancing/Feminine Supportive herbs: 10-20 drops per use  

Ingredients: Locally grown Shatavari (Asparagus Racemosus), Chaste Tree Berry, Rose in certified organic alcohol. 


A blend of three amazing tonic herbs; Shatavari, Chaste tree berry, and flavoured with Wild Rose petal infused honey, attuned to the astrological energetics of the Moon & Venus.

This blend is designed to support healthy hormone balance, development and decline in women of all ages. Traditionally these herbs have been used to rebalance hormones and assist in the management of conditions like P.O.S or endometriosis. Helping bring the cycle in line and regularity with the energetics of the moon and increasing energy, vitality, stamina and potency

This tonic has been energetically attuned to assist in realising the manifestation of the divine feminine within the individual. Harmony and balance within the venus and moon (heart & third eye) of the internal constellation.



Hormone balancing

Supports the vital force of women during all stages of life 

PMS and menopause symptoms

Healthy stress response, supporting you during times of increased workload

Heart opening






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