Ginkgo Leaf


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Plant uses:  An amazing brain herb!  Ginkgo has been used since antiquity to prevent memory loss, breathing problems, ailments of the skin and digestive problems.  Studies show that the leaves contain ginkgolides – potent compounds that may help reduce blood pressure and improve blood circulation to the brain and extremities. 


Plant Preparation:  Infusion – make a nourishing cup of tea.


Plant Properties:  Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, supports brain health, calming, improves blood circulation and heart health, supports vision and eye health, may reduce anxiety.


Energetics & Taste:  Neutral, bittersweet.  The tera has a pleasant taste that is mildly astringent and tonifying.


Scientific name: Ginko Biloba.



Common names: Maidenhair tree, Kung Sun Shu, Grandfather-grandson tree.


Family: Ginkoaceae


Part used:  Leaf

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