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Plant uses: Kola Nut is native to tropical rainforests in West African countries. The fruit contains caffeine and is used as a stimulant. It has been traditionally chewed by tribesman for social settings, ceremonies and for endurance while hunting.

Kola Nut can assist digestion, weight loss, increasing circulation, mental stimulation and boosting brain function. It is considered to have short term relief of fatigue and depression. Its properties can be mood-lifting and enhance endurance in sports.

Kola Nut is used as a flavouring for drinks for the Cola flavour. It is a healthy stimulant and can be added to drinks and bliss balls.

Plant preparation: Powder – herbal powders are versatile, add to teas, smoothies, soups and decoctions

Plant properties: Stimulant, Antidepressant

Energetics and taste: Bitter and Sweet

Scientific name: Cola acuminata

Other common names: Bitter Kola, Cola, Guru Nut, Soudan Coffee, Bissy Nuts

Family: Malvaceae

Plant part: Fruit