Lions Tail Herb




Lions Tail

Plant Uses: Herbal infusions of the plant have been used traditionally for tuberculosis, muscle cramps, high blood pressure, diabetes, viral hepatitis, dysentery, diarrhoea and to stimulate the gall bladder. Nomadic people in Africa have also used it as a social stimulant and inebriant. May enhance laughter and connection!

Plant Preparations: May be prepared as a bitter tea infusion which may benefit the above ailments. Lions tail may also be smoked. The smoke has been known to produce a mild euphoric high with a richly flavoured smoke. Lions Tail blends well with other herbs such as Mugwort. The dried leaves and flowers have been shown to have a mild calming effect when smoked.
Plant Properties: Antioxidant, cardio-protective, relaxant, hypnotic, stimulant.

Energetics/Taste: Bitter

Scientific Name: Leonitus leonuris

Other Common Names: Lions ear, wild dagga

Family: Lamiaceae

Parts Used: Leaf and flowers


A note on smoking/ritual herbs:

Nimbin Herbs have lovingly crafted a Ritual Herbs range for sacred scent and smoke.

Using smoke as a vehicle for spiritual connection has been part of human society since people first used fire.

Smoke has alchemical potency. When used for ritual, each herb, and blend, has a unique magical property, connecting us to our ancient roots.

As far as possible, Nimbin Herbs sources locally grown, organic herbs. When we cannot source our herbs locally, we always check for organic certification.

How to Use

Sprinkle these aromatic herbs directly onto burning charcoal. Breathe in the sacred scent for meditation and inner calm.

The ritual herbs in this range can also be used to replace any other herbs used for smoke.



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