Pau d’arco Bark




Pau d’arco Bark


Plant uses: Pau D’arco is the inner bark of a Brazilian rainforest tree. It has been used medicinally for centuries by Brazilian Indians, primarily for healing fungal infections, digestive tract disorders, skin diseases and inflammatory conditions. Pau D’arco has potent anti-candida (anti-fungal) properties.


Plant Preparation: decoction – cook your herbs


Plant properties: antibacterial, antifungal, immune boosting, bitter tonic, soothing, balancing, tonifying and cleansing herb for the blood, liver and lungs.


Energetics and Taste: cold, astringent, bitter


Scientific name: Tabebuia impetingosa


Other common names: Lapacho, Tahuari, Taheebo, Trumpet tree.


Energetics and Taste: cold, astringent, bitter.


Family: Bignoniaceae


Plant part: Inner bark


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