Zornia 5g





Plant Uses:  Zornia is a beautiful and versatile flowering plant, originating from the South American Amazon. Traditionally used as a tea for alleviating joint pain, stomach problems, liver problems, lowering blood pressure as well as for relaxation purposes.  Zorina has been traditionally smoked for relaxation and anxiety relief, it may also contain cannabis-like effects with heightened awareness. 


Plant Preparation:

  • Tea:  Infusion (make a nourishing cup of tea). 
  • Smoking:  Smoke on its own or as a substitute for other herbs.  



Plant Properties:  High nutrition value, relaxant. 

Energetics & Taste:  Bitter, astringent, light, pungent.

Scientific Name:  Zornia Latifolia.  

Common Names:  Barba De Burro, Maconha Brava, Two Leaf Zornia.

Family:  Fabaceae.

Part Used:  Leaf.

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